Please Vote! November 6, 2018



We are so blessed to have such a strong fine arts program within the ISD 15 schools. We have amazing students, who are working hard to continue to bring excellence to the choral arts culture, while achieving excellence, respect, compassion, and growth. Public speaking is sometimes ranked as one of the top social fears people possess, so consider a culture where students not only feel comfortable speaking in front of six hundred people, but sing with such confidence … what a gift! This life-changing experience embraces a culture that allows students to grow, while instilling self confidence that will carry them throughout their entire lives.

If you agree this culture is worth saving, please vote for those who we know will stand strong alongside these programs. The St Francis High School Choir Booster Organization strongly endorses these candidates for the ISD 15 School Board:

* Renee Deibert

* Jake Humphrey

* Jill Anderson

Please Vote on Tuesday, November 6!