Name Change

It was brought to our attention that the “St. Francis High School Choirs” name, which fit comfortably on our media outlets, could potentially be perceived as an official ISD 15 managed site. When asked to modify our media outlets, we immediately complied.

“Booster Organization” was added to the website title and parent group. We’ve requested a similar change to the main Choir Boosters Facebook page, which we anticipate will be approved in a day or so. Additionally, our disclaimer regarding separation between the Boosters and ISD 15 was made more prominent on all outlets, and the logo was either removed or replaced by one that is unlikely to be associated with ISD 15.

We are working on a new logo which will serve us well into the future without potential confusion. All outlets will be updated when it is available.

It is our intent to respect and comply with ISD 15 administrative practices.