May 15, 2019 - May 29, 2019

The St Francis High School Choir Booster Organization will be conducting their annual election for Officer positions.  All positions are open and nominations are being accepted between May 15 through May 29, 2019.  The following are the positions that are open in the election:  President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Treasurer - Student Accounts, Secretary, Communications Director, Volunteer Director, Fundraising Director, and Show Choir Liaison.


If you or someone you know are or may be interested in learning more about supporting this program, please reply to sfchoirbooster@gmail.com, and we will reach out to answer your questions.  You may also contact an Executive Board member or the SFHS Choir Director. 


Please send nominations to the above email address, sfchoirbooster@gmail.com, or contact an Executive Board member or the SFHS Choir Director.   


Elections will be held at our next Booster Board Meeting on June 3, 2019.    

We recently interviewed several outgoing Board members and here’s just a  few of their comments: 


  • “The commitment is definitely worth the time”;

  • “This year has been exciting, rewarding, and a great privilege to share this opportunity”;  

  • “Good People”; 

  • “What we have in our school district is “Special” and worth supporting”; 

  • “The choir culture contributes towards the success of all students who participate and learn in a nurturing positive culture where hard work is rewarded”; and “Amazing leadership in the Music Arts”. 

​The following is more information on the Executive Board, descriptions of each of the Office positions, and the Election Process.  These excerpts are taken from the SFHS Choir Booster Club By-Laws.

3.    Executive Board


3.1  Membership:  The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Support for the Executive Board includes the Communication Director, Fundraising Director, Volunteer Director, and Show Choir Liaison.  Members at large may participate in subcommittees and participate in discussion with the Executive Board.


3.2  Authority:  The Executive Board will manage the activities, operations, and transact business during the intervals between the general membership meetings.  The Executive Board may create committees as needed to fulfill the purpose and objectives of the Booster Club.


3.3  Meetings:  The Executive Board will meet as needed to conduct the business of the club, and prepare for membership meetings.  Board meetings shall be open to members who wish to address the Board during the Open (2.6j) timeslot.

4.  Duties of the Executive Board Officers


4.1  President

  •  Point of contact for Choir Director(s)

  •  Oversees Executive Board and Booster Club

  •  Facilitates Meetings                                                                           

  •  Represents Booster Club at significant choir events

  •  Knowledgeable in all aspects of the Booster Club

  •  Represents Executive Board on subcommittees


4.2  Vice President

  •  Point of contact for Choir Director(s)

  •  Supports the Executive Board and Booster Club

  •  Supports organization when President is unavailable

  •  Represents Booster Club at significant choir events 

  •  Represents Executive Board on subcommittees

4.3 Treasurer

  • Point of contact for Choir Director(s)

  • Prepares Monthly Finance Report

  • Finance Committee Chair

  • Oversees all Finance Committee activities

  • Committee conduit to the Board

4.3.1 Treasurer – Student Accounts

  •    Point of contact for Choir Director(s)

  •    Maintains Student Balances

  •    Finance Committee

  •    Oversees all Finance Student Account Activities

  •    Committee conduit to the Board

4.4 Secretary

  • Point of contact for Choir Director(s)

  • Prepares Meeting agenda

  • Collects Committee statuses from Committee Chairs

  • Meeting Minutes

4.5 Communications Director

  • Point of contact for Choir Director(s)

  • Communication Committee Chair

  • Oversees all Communications Committee activities 

  • Committee conduit to the Executive Board

4.6 Volunteer Director

  • Volunteer Committee Chair

  • Oversees all Volunteer Committee activities

  • Committee conduit to the Executive Board

4.7 Fundraising Director

  • Fundraising Committee Chair

  • Oversees all Fundraising Committee activities

  • Locates, reviews and presents fundraising opportunities

  • Committee conduit to the Executive Board

4.8 Show Choir Liaison

  • Point of contact for Choir Director(s)

  • Coordinates Show Choir activities

  • Committee conduit to the Executive Board

5.  Election Process

5.2 Election Process:  The President and Vice-President will co-chair a Nominating Committee with at least one other current Executive member or Director.  Nominations for positions may be solicited throughout the current school year for the following school year.  Nominees shall provide a notification of intent to the Executive Board after being approved by the Nominating Committee.


5.3 Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee will determine and recommend candidates, based on qualifications, for Executive and Director Positions.  Nominees will be matched to a position they best represent to ensure strong leadership at all critical positions.  The list of candidates should be communicated to the general membership prior to the elections. 


5.4 Nominating Window:  Nominations for Executive Board and Director Positions may be accepted by any Board member prior to the elections but no later than they may be able to be reasonably processed and announced before elections.


5.5  Voting:  Voting shall be by written ballot, except in the case of a single candidate when voting may be by a show of hands or voice vote.


5.6  Term: Elections will be held annually for all Executive Board and Director Positions.  Executive Board Members and Directors shall serve at least one year and may serve consecutive years if nominated to the position and voted upon by the Executive Board, Directors and members.  Vacant roles may be supported by the Executive Board, Directors or members, as appointed by the Executive Board, until the following year’s elections or a special election is called.