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St. Francis Choirs Boosters Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2016 – 6:00 PM

Athletics/Activites Conference Room – A112

Attendance – Chris Stangleland, Charissa Scott, Karen Olson, Debi Long, Chris Pace,

           LuAnn Anderson, Doug Arndt, Teresa Petersen, Jill Kent, Paul Anderson,

           Jill Kent


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report – September was quite, show choir fees have been starting to come in, and we paid parade fees. We are now in the new fiscal year – we did a really great job in the last year!  Good things that were paid for this past year – All State (five attendees), Booster T-shirts, Choral Clinic, Bel Canto robes, Senior scholarships (however, these will go through the school starting this year) and subsidized the Choir Banquet.  Profits – concerts, CUB Foods, Elvis (not super profitable), Madrigal dinner.  The bulk of the money was made between concerts and Mads dinner.  Received a couple corporate donations, Medtroncis match, etc.


Discussion Items

  1. 1.  Garage Sale Update – September 16 & 17 – made almost $1,200; we had to pay $70 to dispose of two TV’s.  Made several trips to Goodwill and the dump.  We did very well.

  2. 2.  Fall Concert Needs – need volunteers for the Ticket booth, doors, and concessions.  Two people in the ticket booth and one person at each door, for both 6:00 and 8:00 concerts, are needed.  The new signage will help with seating.   3. Dawn will send out an electronic notice for volunteers from the website.  Concessions will be walking tacos; LuAnn to place the order through Reinhart.  LuAnn and Dawn to coordinate concessions and Teresa will help with the food prep.  Prices of bottled water, cookie and walking taco for $5.00 or Gatorade and walking taco for $5.00.

  3. 3.  Happenings and Snacks & Such fundraisers are going on now; end of October 14.

  4. 4.  Website – link for tickets for Mads and Christmas concert.  Tickets are sold separately for each concert.

  5. 5.    Jill to send Dawn meeting date for the website.

  6. 6.    Madrigal Dinner – tabled until October 31.

  7. 7.    Amazon – tabled until October 31.

  8. 8.    By-laws – tabled until October 31.  This hasn’t been addressed since last October, Luke was going to check on       official choir name that is filed with the state and federal.  We need to work on job duties this year, for Succession Plan.  Help to strengthen and give structure.

  9. 9.    Addressing concert attendees – showcase new robes, and give Booster Club recognition.

  10. 10.  Question regarding who takes care of the cleaning of robes.

  11. 11.  Discussion regarding cabinets in PAC hallways.  The cabinets are more of an undertaking than what Zachary Scott wanted to do.  School should have some involvement and foot part or all of the cost.

  12. 12.  Anoka Halloween Parade – the check has been cashed, so we are assuming that we got in!

  13. Fundraising –

a.  Pizza Ranch will be March 20.  Can save show choir for 2017-2018.  Training will be on January 23 or February  LuAnn and any other responsible adult will need to attend the session.

b.Spaghetti dinner – weekends that are left are January 21st and 28th.  Luke will be unable to attend, but Mads can perform without him. 

    i.  Lions will do all the prep, cooking, and serve, need kids or parents to help with cleanup.

  1. ii.  Could have a silent auction?  Each choir group could make multiple baskets.

  2. iii.  Mansetti’s has donated sauce to fundraising events of this type.

  3. iv..  Lions will prepare a list, and we need to purchase groceries.

  4. v.  Pre-sale and tickets at the door?  Could possibly sell tickets on SeatYouself, but they do charge a fee for tickets.  Could have a table at Christmas concert to sell tickets.

  1. 16.  “Patty” is going to come in and sell t-shirts and sweatshirts at the fall concert.  Apparel would be for Concert Choir, Bel Canto, Freshman Women and Boys Choir.  Possibly just have “St. Francis Choir” on the front and the group name on the back?  She would come up with the order form and delivery.  Orders not marked as a gift will come home with the student. 

  2. 17.  Question regarding fundraising for California trip – kids are fundraising only for themselves.  There are no more fundraisers for parents/chaperones.  Parents going along to chaperone are Debi Long, Teresa Petersen, Char & Zach Scott.


Next meeting: October 31, 2016, , Room A112

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