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Madrigal Singers

The Madrigal Singers are a premier student-produced, choral ensemble that is typically arranged in elaborate counterpoint and performed without instrumental accompaniment. This style was popular during the Renaissance era, a period known for vigorous artistic and intellectual performances.  

Under the guidance of Mr. Telschow, this curriculum program invites choral students to audition for a fall class of mixed singers. Students meet over the summer to write the script. In the fall, students meet in a daily class to rehearse the musical production, design the stage, and create costumes.

Since 1981, the St. Francis High School Madrigal Singers have been performing their shows in the fall at their Madrigal Dinners. This community gathering and choir fundraiser is an annual musical celebration of food, fellowship, and an amazing musical experience to behold.

The Madrigal Singers also represent St. Francis High School in various performance engagements throughout the community, such as the American Legion Veterans Day gathering, Holiday Concert, Mall of America performances, and the St. Francis Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Watch the calendar for information about upcoming performance dates, times, and tickets.

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