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St. Francis Choirs Boosters Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2016 – 6:00 PM

Athletics/Activites Conference Room – A112





Approve Minutes from 10-31-16


Treasurer's Report - Made Deposit for Madrigal Dinner on December 2, 2016.  Made almost $6,000 for student accounts from Snacks N Such fundraiser.


Items of Discussion:


  1. Jeff Fink was here to talk about & give updates on Booster Guidelines, fundraising activities and balances of other Booster Clubs, miscellaneous policies and procedures going through the Acitvites office.

  2. The discussion was held, a motion was made and seconded, and a unanimous vote to pay for Luke Warren's travel expenses to San Diego for 2017 Spring Break Choir Trip.  UPDATE:  Travel expenses are paid for Luke Warren through Gateway Music & Travel.

  3. Discussion about the cost of the website to Dawn DeRoo.  This past year it has cost Dawn approximately $300-$400 to set up the Choir website.

  4. Fundraiser Update -- concessions for Holiday Concert -- Pizza, tacos in a bag, cookies, hot cocoa, etc.  Papa Murphy's pizza -- Papa Murphy's provides the ovens.  Check with Nancy regarding the use of electricity.  Spaghetti dinner is planned for January 28.

  5. Heggie's Pizza Fundraiser -- we need to discuss this with Luke, to hold as a January 2017 fundraiser.

  6. Discussion of the timing of applying for student fundraiser funds --Luke will address this.

  7. Christmas Concert -- Volunteers -- sign-up sheets--send out an email looking for volunteers.

  8. Madrigal Dinner Follow-Up: next month when Luke is available.

  9. Hotel for Ankeny -- we are a late entry to Ankey, Iowas competition.  It involves overnight stay.  The Boosters are being asked to pick up the tab for this competition, which is $2,400 - $2,600 for rooms.  Parents to still pay for South Dakota trip.  The motion was made and seconded for the Boosters to pay for rooms for this competition. 

  10. American Choral Directors MN Chapter (9-10 Honors Choir) -- Katie Smith, Irina Klimok, Callie Pendergrass have been selected to participate in Honor Choir.  They will perform in Honor Choir on February 16 at Central Lutheran Church.

  11. Discuss the Choir Banquet -- tabled until January.

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