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Curricular Choirs

Throughout the school year, the students in curricular choirs develop excellence in vocal capability, production, and performance etiquette as they prepare for performances in local concerts at St. Francis High School. The five curricular choral programs offered to St. Francis High School students include Troubadours, Saints Choir, Bel Canto, Concert Choir, and Madrigal Singers. There are also two premier show choirs – Prima Voce and Bridge Street Singers.   

Please click on the group name below to see the rosters for each of the curricular choirs for 2021-2022:


     Troubadours                  Saints Choir                      Bel Canto                      Concert Choir                    Madrigals  


The Freshmen Chorus is divided into two groups, based on gender, to develop basic skills unique to their strengths as young musicians. 

Saints Choir

Mixed Choir provides opportunities for students to succeed in music and develop individual choral capabilities through skills training, self-exploration and discovering a passion for choral performance.

Bel Canto

Bel Canto is an all-female choral group. Members audition in the spring for this advanced choir.  Bel Canto is Italian for "beautiful singing" and is an 18th-century style of operatic singing originating in Italy.  It originated with the first operas during the Baroque era (the early 1700s).

Concert Choir

With upwards of 100 vocalists, Concert Choir is an auditioned group made up of junior and senior students. Members of the Concert Choir are chosen for their vocal ability, experience, and desire to reach higher levels of musicianship and performance. Students develop vocal production, elements of music, music history, ear training, sight reading, and performance etiquette.

Madrigal Singers

The Madrigal Singers are a student-produced choral ensemble, typically arranged in elaborate counterpoint and performed without instrumental accompaniment. ​ This curriculum program invites choral students to audition for a fall class. Students meet over the summer to write the script. In the fall, students meet in a daily class to rehearse the production, design the stage, and create costumes.

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Since 1981, the St. Francis High School Madrigal Singers have been performing their shows in the fall at their Madrigal Dinners. This community gathering and choir fundraiser is an annual musical celebration of food, fellowship, and an amazing musical experience to behold.

The Madrigal Singers also represent St. Francis High School in various performance engagements throughout the community, such as the American Legion Veterans Day gathering, Holiday Concert, Mall of America performances, and the St. Francis Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Watch for announcements about upcoming performance dates, times, and tickets for all the St. Francis High School Choir events.

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