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The St. Francis High School Choir Booster Mission Statement

Advance student development while supporting the St. Francis High School choral program through parent involvement, community engagement, and faculty collaboration.



  • Maintain an active professional organization, that is recognized for high ethics, integrity, inclusivity and service that promotes unsurpassed hospitality and good character.

  • Support faculty requests and encourage growth in the St. Francis High School choral music program to further enrich students’ vocal abilities and musicianship skills.

  • Make informed financial decisions regarding fundraising efforts and be good stewards of the funds that support the choral program’s current needs and strategic goals.

  • Leverage member talents through a robust volunteer framework that provides a welcoming environment for parents, the student body, alumni and the community where members are recognized for their contributions to the choral program’s success.

  • Maintain good citizenship through activities that support our communities.

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