St. Francis Choirs Boosters Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2016 – 6:00 PM

Char Scott’s Home

23157 Bridgestone Road, St. Francis


Attendance – LuAnn Anderson, Teresa Petersen, Karen Olson, Jill Kent, Bob Fiebranz, Chris Stangleland, Amy Meyer, Char Scott, Donna Drewlow


Approve Minutes of 05-31-16


Treasurer’s Report


A busy summer paying bills from last year.  Show choir had competition fee from last year, and paid All State Scholarships.  We are at the lowest the account has been, but everything is paid for itself this year. Refer to Treasure’s Report.


Items for Discussion


  1. Notes from Lukas – Will be passing out the schedules, dates for competitions, etc. at first rehearsal.   Amelia and Ben will be schedule Prima Voce.

  2. Garage Sale dates will be September 16 & 17.  Everything is via donations, will take reasonable offers.  Char will make up flyers and post at Open House and around school.

  3. Open House – need to have someone at Choir Room.  Chris to communicate with Lukas to see if okay.  If nothing else, have flyers about Booster Club.

  4. Discussion regarding “Start of Year” meeting to get info out to families, it encourages kids to get involved, parents to be engaged and community to come together an.  The new website well be the answer, as families will see the information and pictures.  Discussion regarding having fundraising events, perhaps Spaghetti dinners, or breakfast, every other month.  Choirs could perform at dinner/breakfasts so people know what they are supporting.

  5. Robes – haven’t heard if they came in.  Donna offered to press if needed.




  1. Andover Pizza Ranch – either Money, January 23 or Monday, February 27 (Pizza Ranch only does these events on Monday evenings).  Need a crew of 10 kids and 2 adults.  Kids stock plates at food/salad bar, clear tables, etc.  Kids receive any tips and 10% of profit.  LuAnn to put in the application above two dates.

  2. Chipotle at Riverdale.  Monday, September 26th.  All people need to do is say they’re with St. Francis.  Groups get 10% of proceeds.  Fundraiser for entire program.

  3. “Cars for Cash” – directing cars where to park at Renaissance Festival.  8 AM to 8 PM, both Sat and Sun (August 20 & 21) need 20 volunteers, over half need to be over 18, older than 14.  Earn $2,160.00 for both days.  If parents work, get 2/3 of $$.  Ryan Anderson to get word out and see about interest.

  4. “Bags for Bucks” – garbage collection.  Free attendance.  Dates 9/4 & 9/5, earn $1125.00.  Need 25 volunteers, a 50/50 mix of over age 18.  Dates of 9/18, 9/24, 9/25 earn $1000.00.  Get lunch too.

  5. CUB bagging – Char put in letter for 2017, and dates will be looked at in January.

  6.  Mama D’s – will give discount for pizza events.

  7. Taco’s in a bag – for choir concerts.  Easy Fundraiser.


Next Meeting – September 12, 6:00 PM.Room A112 at SFHS.